Healthy Asian Food

healthy Asian food

Modern understanding of a person's qualitative and quantitative needs in food substances has been reflected in the concept of the balanced diet. According to this concept to stay healthy a person needs a particular amount of energy and particular nutritional complexes that food products contain in specific digestible form. Practice has shown that adding new products to a person's diet considerably enhances the intake of essential nutrients.

Japanese Salad - Ohitashi

That is why trying new dishes and new cuisine is good for health. And Asian cuisine is just perfect for such culinary experiments. Japanese cuisine features a variety of seafood delicacies. Chinese and Malaysian cuisines have many dishes with animal and vegetable ingredients. They include dishes with rice, soybeans, pork and, of course, the famous Peking duck, various sauces and marinades It should be noted that by Chinese tradition the cooked dish must taste different from its natural taste. That is why pork or chicken can be served with unusual sweet sauce and fish might taste as pork.

Teriyaki Chicken Rice

If you would like to immerse yourself into the world of Asian dishes, spices and tea welcome to Asian Markets. There you will be able to find all ingredients for cooking the most exotic dishes at home. However you might need special kitchen utensils and gear to cook some of the foods. Besides, Japanese kitchen knives are great for cooking all sorts of dishes, they stay sharp for a long time and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The legend says that there is a direct relation between kitchen knives of Japanese cooks and "Japanese swords".

So when you try something new you get more nutritional benefits and impressions.

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