5 Malaysian Must Have Items on Your Kitchen

When we leave our parents' home most of us miss tasty and nourishing home cooked food. If you have to move out of your parents' house consider purchasing these nostalgic homeware that will help you feel yourself more at home away from home. They'll help you cook the dishes that taste just like mom's.

Pestle and Mortar

1. Pestle and Mortar

A pestle and mortar is a traditional Asian kitchenware without which we just can't imagine a present day kitchen. While cooking meat or fish you will need to grind spices, herbs, and other ingredients.


2. Ceramics

In every family there is a beautiful set of plates, bowls and other kitchenware used only for special occasions. As a rule it is some fancy or antique China. Purchase a beautiful set of your own to serve to family or friends on special occasions.

Tiffin Carriers

3. Tiffin Carriers

Before fast food and deliveries became widespread, people relied on tiffin carriers to keep their food hot and ensure they are not hungry during the day.


4. Kettle

The whistle of a kettle used to wake you up when you were a child. Now we rely on electricity to boil the water. But why not get the traditional kettle and boil the water in it next time you want your coffee or tea?

Food Clay Pot

5. Clay Pot

Do you remember how tasty soups, curries and stews were your mother cooked in clay pots? Food cooked in these kitchen utensils tastes great and adds some special flavor and aesthetic to your dish.