Easy Teriyaki Chicken in Airfryer

Teriyaki Chicken in Airfryer

If you want to learn to cook every now and then it's a good idea. It helps you be aware of what you put in your body and be more healthy. If you're busy at your job you do need to be strong and have a healthy physique just to face daily challenges.

Here is a simplified chicken teriyaki recipe and one can even make it in the airfryer. So if you don't know how to turn the stove or even fry an egg it will be just a matter of mixing a few seasonings and doable and then putting the chicken into the appliance. This recipe will only take five minutes hands-on time.

For tools you will need:

Airfryer or a grill pan
Paper towel
Small bowl
Serving platter
Mitten or cloth to remove the bowl


One boneless chicken thigh approximately 250 g
1/8 teaspoons salt

Teriyaki sauce:

1-tablespoon soy sauce
1-tablespoon mirin
3/4 tablespoons sugar
3/4 tablespoons sake
3/4-tablespoon honey


Salt chicken and then rinse it. Pat it dry with paper towels and poke holes with the fork on the skin side. Then rub the chicken with a pinch of salt.

Make teriyaki sauce. In a small bowl add all those ingredients above to make the teriyaki sauce.

Fry chicken. Place the chicken skin down. Place it at 1/4 to make space for the bowl of sauce on the grill. Cook for 180°C for five minutes.

Cook sauce. Open the Airfryer drawer while it still cooking and place a bowl of sauce inside and let it cook for another 10 minutes.

Serve. Remove the chicken and slice it into bite-size pieces with scissors. Then remove the bolt using a mitten and pour it over the chicken and garnish with spring onions.

Short recipe

Poke skin with a fork and sprinkle 1/8 teaspoon of the salt of one chicken thigh. Add in the bowl 1 tablespoon of soy sauce +1 tablespoon of mirin +3/4 tablespoons sugar +3/4 tablespoons sake +3/4 tablespoon honey. Put the chicken skin down on the Airfryer grill pan. Set to cook at 180°C for five minutes. After five minutes, put in the bowl of teriyaki sauce to cook for another 10 minutes. Slice and serve.

Cooking tips

1. Crispy skin. The original recipe should marinate the chicken with sake for 10 minutes. To achieve a kind of crispy skin pat the chicken dry and place the skin on the grill pan.

2. Slice and garnish the dish with spring onions. Cut them with a pair of scissors and you will have a beautiful presentation.

3. Use non-refined sugar. You can also use brown sugar or molasses instead of the honey, as it will taste good also.

4. If you don't like chicken you can actually use fish also.

5. If for some reason you do not have an Airfryer you can make this dish using a nonstick pan.