The Top 9 Malaysian Cooking Must-Have Utensils

Below you will find the 9 best utensils for authentic Malaysian cooking ideal for curries, stir-fries, and grills.

#1 Wok

No kitchen is complete without a wok. Plus, it is the only way to cook Malaysian Char Kway Teow. A wok is the perfect way for the dish's rice noodles to char from the heat. See also The Top 5 Best Electric Woks to Purchase.

#2 Chan (wok shovel)

A chan is essential for tossing and stirring ingredients cooking together within a wok. This flat based shovel is a non-negotiable tool for cooking signature Malaysian cuisine like Nasi Goreng. Nasi Goreng is a dish of chicken tossed with rice, egg, shrimp paste, and spices.

Satay chicken skewers

#3 Barbecue

Flames can not fake flavour. Several authentic Malaysian dishes, such as Satay Chicken Skewers, are grilled over open flames utilizing a barbecue. However, if outdoor grilling is not an option, try a chargrill pan instead. Make sure it is piping hot before placing your Satay down so that you reap the lovely scorched edges.

#4 Pestle and Mortar

While it is true that in the 21st century we typically utilize a food processor to grind our spices, a pestle and mortar are way more fun. In order to create delectable Beef Rendang, it is necessary to pound and grind turmeric, lemongrass, garlic, shallots, and galangal together into a patset. While grinding ingredients with a pestle and mortar may be a little time consuming the rich flavour reward is worth the extra effort.


#5 Belanga (clay pot)

A lot of the Malaysian soup and stew cooking flavours come from simmering them in a belanga, otherwise known as a clay pot. Earthenware pots not only add tenderness and depth to Malaysian cuisine, they also cook aromatic blends of spices and herbs effortlessly like the infamous Pork Belly Stewed in Bak Kut.


#6 Steamer

A steamer basket is perfect for cooking the more gentle Malaysian dishes like Juicy Pork Ribs or Steamed Custard in a Pumpkin Shell. Steamer baskets can be made simply by stacking bamboo steam baskets on top of the saucepan or wok you are working with and bringing the water to a simmer.

#7 Coconut or Banana Leaves

Tropical leaves are surprisingly great natural cooking utensils. You can begin by wrapping dishes like Ketupat (rice cakes) or Otak Otak (spiced fish paste) in the strong and robust leaves, then finish by grilling or steaming them to excellence.

#8 Cleaver

A cleaver is necessary to cut through the fish bones in Malaysian dishes such as Peranakan Fish Head Curry, a traditional cuisine served in a belanga.

Ketupat-Rice cakes

#9 Grater

A quality grater is vital for cooking curries or creative Malaysian breakfasts, such as Putu Mayam. Both dishes call for freshly shaved coconut which can only be executed with a heavy duty grater.