Why Katsu Curry Is Pure Comfort Food

Katsu Curry

If one wants pure comfort food in one bowl, then it's time to get to know Japanese katsu curry. This is an indulgent dish and is the equivalent of a hug from your grandma. This is one of the world's most soothing recipes.

Salty crunch + mellow spice + soothing starch + sweet sauce = culinary comfort

1. Golden child

If you love European-style schnitzel then you will love Japanese tonkatsu. Take lean pork or chicken and coat it in panko crumbs and pan fry to golden perfection.

2. Mild and mellow

Take a golden katsu fillet and slather it into a mild and mellow Japanese curry sauce, which gives you a contrast of salty crunch and gently spiced sauce. Add curry and don't be shy as your katsu should be swimming and sauce. Japanese curry is always a gentle flavor and ideal for younger palates so remember the whole family can indulge in this dish.

3. Soothing starch

To mop up all the delicious curry sauce, you can serve your katsu curry on a bed of steamed rice, which adds another great element of soothing satisfying starch to the dish.

4. Sweet signature

For the grand finale on your katsu curry, drizzle tonkastu sauce over the crumbled filet. This is a sweet and salty savory sauce and is Japan's answer to the American barbecue sauce, which adds another layer of flavor to this dish.

5. Optional extras

If you want even a hint of more flavors at a little mound of pickled ginger or a crisp green salad with a ponzu sauce dressing to cut through the richness of the meat and the curry sauce. Read also 7 Types of Japanese Kitchen Knives.